We ask for financial support

for the following tasks and activities:

Yurt for seminars

To offer a pleasant seminar room a 9-meter yurt with a wall height of 2 meters is going to be erected. To protect against heat and cold, the yurt gets an outer insulation of 20 cm thick hemp fiber mats and a 10 cm floor insulation of rubble hemp. Additionally for cold seasons a 6 KW stove with chimney flue will be set up. For sufficient light incidence a 180 cm light dome, 2 fully glazed, floor-deep windows, as well as fully glazed doors will be provided. The roof rim and poles will be made of a durable wood of Siberian larch. Since the yurt will be used as a seminar yurt, it will also have a 10 m2 porch as a storage area for luggage brought along.

Outdoor compost toilets

Roof for outdoor kitchen and community area

Topsoil for growing own vegetables

Tools and machines