Espirito Dourado is a project, kind of healthy living and a wonderful piece of land in central Portugal.

Our vision is to protect and preserve this magical place and to create a space for healing, education and self-discovery in harmony and peaceful coexistence with nature.

From a social point of view, we are at a fork in the road where every single person has to make a decision, which way we want to go. Every single one of us is asked, whether we want to continue to serve the current system or lead our own life in a self-responsible way. Self-responsibility goes hand in hand with self-knowledge and wants to be learned and experienced. For this, we need real places, where close to nature the human consciousness gets a space for unfolding. We also need each other to learn to live together in a new kind.

As founders of Espirito Dourado

we warmly welcome you!

We see ourselves as impulse givers for the new way of living together.

We aim emphatic relationships with each other.

Simone Klinge

„My heart’s desire is that we humans take responsibility for our behavior and create a healthy, heart connected human’s family that lives on Mother Earth in harmony with all beings.“

Darius Waldhof

„The path of the heart, finding one’s own truth and working together peacefully on awareness is my vision for the current and upcoming time. Espirito Dourado is calling me.“