Espirito Dourado is a project for peace, healing and freedom on our planet.

It serves human beings, animals, plants and the Earth itself. It is a project with a vision of a new world in which we humans:

know about our spiritual origin

recognize our divine creative power

understand our responsibility on Earth

wish and feel the necessity of change

are ready for own healing

Espirito Dourado is our contribution to the new kind of living.

To feel the power of nature we humans need to be surrounded by the beauty of Mother Earth. On Espirito Dourado we aim to protect and to preserve the land but also to create in harmony and peaceful coexistence a place, where human’s healing and self-discovery is possible.

Our vision for the land

creating a natural diversity

creation of capabilities for self-sustaining living
wfor example with permaculture

buildings with natural materials

Our vision for the team

pioneers, who feel the vision and want to realise it

awakened humans, who are willing and able to take responsibility
wfor themselves, for others and for projects

Once we are ready, we are going to offer:

workshops to detox from daily, jumpy life

self-healing through contact with the nature,
wawareness, silence and meditation

mentoring shadow work

retreats with plant medicine

room to organize your own seminars