Espirito Dourado is currently in the preparation phase.

On this page you will find information about the current stage of our work.

Preparation for the yurt

At the very beginning, the place for the yurt looked like this.

And it was a lot of work for the ground preparation.

But we did it!

And the next step could start – the foundation.

Foundation and strong rain water protection is done.

Parallel to our work, all parts needed for the yurt are manufactured in the yurt factory in Muldental.

In spring 2024, the yurt will be set up on Espirito Dourado. If you would like to join us, please contact us.

Preparation for water supply

Water is essential for this project. There is enough underground water and we have a water borehole with a wind turbine to pump the water up. Unfortunately, the wind turbine has broken down and we are looking for someone who can help us with it.

Preparation for the roof

To provide sufficient protection from the sun and rain, a roof will be built over an area of approx. 190m2. In this area, an outdoor kitchen and a dining area with wooden benches and tables for eating and cosy get-togethers are going to be created. The roof will then be used to install solar panels.

Some materials are already there.

Preparation for cooking

Currently, we have a provisional kitchen. In the next step, after the roof has been erected, we will build a larger outdoor kitchen with more space.

But it’s already very cosy. 🙂

Preparation for self-sufficiency

The scaffolding for two greenhouses is already in place. In the next step, we are looking for someone who enjoys growing vegetables, perhaps also has knowledge about permaculture and would like to work with us to drive the project forward.