Why am I doing this?

05.12.2023 – article written by Darius Waldhof

Reading time approx. 2 minutes

Espirito Dourado is a project coming from my heart. But it is also a project where my mind goes into resistance and asks the question: “How is this supposed to work?” And my mind is right, I don’t have a detailed plan and I often feel overwhelmed. But there is something inside me that knows the way. And this something says: “You and Simone are not alone. There are many people who feel this vision in their hearts and will realise this vision together with you.”

At the moment, Espirito Dourado is at the beginning. A proverb says: “Every beginning is difficult.” Another proverb says: “Every new experience, every journey begins with the first step.” The first step and certainly a few more have already been taken. We are on our way! But this path still consists of many challenges. And I often ask myself: “What is the next step, what is important, what should we do next?”

Looking at my life from the perspective of death helps me with such questions. It is a fact that one day I will die and leave this world. It helps me if I connect with this moment and ask myself: “How do I want to feel at this moment? Am I happy and content and can I leave this world in peace? Am I proud of myself and my life? Is there anything I still want to experience or do? How do I leave this world? Do I leave the world in a state that future generations can enjoy, or do I pass on my problems to the children and grandchildren?”

These questions help me to make courageous decisions and overcome my fears.

As a young man, I often distanced myself from others and lived in my own bubble. This behaviour was learned and I was not aware of it in everyday life. With Espirito Dourado, I am learning what friendship, trust and togetherness means. I am realising more and more: “Together we are more than the sum of our parts”. Together we complement each other and gift each other with skills that we can learn from each other. Competitive thinking separates us from each other. The ability to see the creative potential and divine love in another humans brings us closer together and creates a space in which the most difficult challenges can be overcome.

Espirito Dourado has great potential and offers the opportunity to live new values. Values of togetherness and for one another. I see Espirito Dourado as a gift and I am delighted to be allowed to realise this project.

About the author Darius Waldhof

Darius is a consciousness researcher, a finder of truth and a impulse giver for a new way of living together. He has the gift of recognising the core message in complex situations and expressing it in a concise form. Darius has a well-developed sense for the hidden and active patterns that operate in interpersonal relationships. In his work, he supports people in their personal, family and professional transformation processes. When it comes to global and social issues, it is of great concern to him to identify the distortions that humanity carries within itself and to point out solutions. Finding one’s own truth, the path of the heart and living together to raise awareness is his vision for the present and future time.